Tuesday, June 26, 2012

~StanDard CharTered KL Marathon 2012~
~ 3rd edition MarathoN ~
venue : Dataran Merdeka
date : 24 Jun 2012
masa kelepasan : 4.30 am
distance : 42.2km
net time : 4hr 09min 19sec
placed : 186 / 1782

SCKLM 2012, was my 3rd edition of marathon, so far so gOod ;) . But my 2nd marathon was a bit disappointed - Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011, when i finished the marathon with 5hr and 30min. very2x disappointed. SCKL 2012 can so called a "BaLas dendam from Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011". Dah la sampai2x, dh 15min pn FM category started (hehe macam biase, keje punye pasal la nie - alasan .) So malas la nk tulis pasal Putrajaya night marathon 2011 -End-
SCKLM 2012, was full of excitement. 12.00am, i arrived at back of  Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur, (WaHH so damnn Early!!) . Then just Sleep in the car ZzzzZZz..  Purposely i come early this time becoz i wanna Vip park, no more kelam kabut - Late (sslalu je yg ni), most important, for this time i wanna to start my run at the front, not from the very of the back, like before. Alhamdulillah, this time, body condition sume pn very2x Ok.. passion pn ade lebih sikit..

Aper2 pn very thankful to Allah, coz my timing pn has improved from the past 2 marathon i've join. can't wait to join my 4th marathon and perhaps can get a better timing at least sub 4hr, ;) ... Alhamduliilah.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

StanDard CharTered KL MaraThon 2011

~StanDard CharTered KL Marathon 2011~

venue : Dataran Merdeka
date : 26 Jun 2011
masa kelepasan : 5.00 am
distance : 42.2km
gun time : 4hr 36min 27sec
net time : 4hr 35min 50sec
placed : 236/1256

after a long..long..long time for a tea break.. terase pulak nk sambung tulis di blog ni lagi.. after a long..long time i wanted to participated in the Full marathon .. and now i'm no more virgin.. ;) .. here we go standard chartered KL marathon 2011.. here i am.. reg as early in Jan.. just to ensure that i'm really participated into it.. . lack of training .. (My career do taKe me apart from You >> runninG...) thanks to Syazwan.. coz pulihkan semangat ku untuk terus msk FM ni.. eventhough aku memang nk tarik diri.. coz takut coz memang x cukup training... ni semua keje punya pasal.. abeh tunggang langgang training aku.. fuhh .. however thank to Allah coz finnaly aku participated jgak..

5.00 am, Starting at the back Syazwan n me just had a slow running follow the 5.30hr balloon.. for about 45min.. the after i start to push a bit.. for almost an hour then only i can see the 5hr balloon..but mr.lutut dh pn buat hal.. so lucky coz there are a lot of minyak panas at the water station... pssstt : lucky i didn't bring even a single cent while running,,. if not surely i've stop at any kedai mamak to buy something... starviNg whiLe running..

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ekidan RelaY 2009~

~Ekidan RelaY 2o09~

venue : PuTraJayA
date : 4 October 2009
starting time : 8.30 am
distance : 3km
my time : (x sempatt..)
placed : 7th
group :>> asif' falah (me)' nas' zeck' jerry'

since this was my 1st relay... so hurmm.. a little bit nervous ..takott pn ader...sampai pn ngan URC's members pn mmang bese sampai lewat..haha... i'm the 2nd runner..sampai2 jer kt post memasing..tetibe lak aku rser seronok.. maybe teruja sgt kott...because it's my 1st time on this relay run... had to try my best next time ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

sukaN AnTAra FAkuLti 2o09"

~sukaN AnTAra FAkuLti 2o09~
venue : UiTM Shah Alam
date : 8 Ogos 2009
starting time : 8.30 am
distance : ?? (bpe da..)
my time : 19'12"
placed : 2nd

....since nie last sem aku so set in mind aku kne jgak wat sumthin' .. hmm so larian saf is coming up.... so target aku mmang tuk dptkn sumthin' but.. didn't expect pn smpai nk dapt medal..hurmm.. so maybe momentum from KOTR (adidas king of the road).. pn msih ader lg.. so hmm.. training pn so so jer.. but org nk kter tu maybe it's my luck 2 get the 2nd placed.. sbb edan n adek adush pn x join..hurm.. then zakaria pn injured ...starting at padang kawat at 8.30am... bley tahan la track pn byk bukit bukau yg kecerunannya bley tahan la.. yg btul2 cabar mental aku time tuh.. start2.. bdak nie smer mmang laju..owh,, so starting pn mmang aku dh tinggal dlm placed 12-13th gitu... sayup2 tgk si asif n alwi at the top (runners club..promote shiall..) then starting 2 overtake n aku pn x sangka leh lead about 2km to finish but...lastly asif (si kaki cam kipas neh...) laju nk mampos.. overtake aku about 200 meter to the finishing line.. .. tp xper.. since die pn under faculty yg smer ngan aku... so congrates 2 all finishers.. run 4 the faculty n "UiTM runners club" hehe.. anyway rata2.. rmai URC members yg join event nih and mostly URC jgak yg conquer... so tahniah..psssttt : nk komen sket psal hadiah tuk larian SAF neh mmang "btul2 kedekut".. sian kt runner2 len.. lastly go 4 running..coz running is my passion.. nothing is impossible...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

sHah AlaM kIng Of THe RoaD 2009"

-sHah AlaM kIng Of THe RoaD 2009-

venue : stadium shah alam
date : 02 August 2009
starting time : 6.30 am
distance : 22.7km
my time : 1hour 52min 47sec
average pace : 4.98 / km

another story of my half marathon...adeshh!! we're late again for the event... turun2 bas.. trus lari ke starting line.. n dh nampak pn bdak2 half lari... smpai2 starting line.. all of them wasn't there.. so pe lg.. without strecthing.. n campak jer bag n trus pecuttt.. time tu aku start ngan one of the uitm runner (asif)..till jmpe other runners... physical... mental... and especially my legs was in a good condition at the time...n rse2 cam bley increase speed lg nih... so speed pn da increase.. sundennnnly... at 4-5 km aku cam nk muntah... (but da muntah pn sket..) nie sme kes telan power bar lambat sgt la nih.. and then i started to motivated my self..that aku x akan kalah dgn mental aku sendri.. then aku truskan n increase pace lg... then everything was ok lepas teguk 1-2 gelas 100+ ...then i keep on overtaking one by one runners.. tp bayang asif (another uitm runner yg hebat.).. lansung aku da x nampak.. tp x per.. objective aku just wanna get the best time for this half marathon... but i'am really2 enjoyed this event.. (ok la price include power bar n baju pn lawa..)and i think i like this half marathon much2 more than 10k ..haha.. go.. go runners.. my next mission ..1hr 45min for the next half marathon...n of course i wanna participate in the full marathon lak... but when..??

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

StaNdArd ChaRtERed KL 20o9 "

" StaNdArd ChaRtERed KL 20o9 "

venue : Dataran Merdeka
starting time : 6.00 am
date : 28 Jun 2009
distance : 21km
my time : 1hour 50min 42sec
average pace : 5.26 / km

this was my 1st half marathon... ha (..I just like don't believe it..) trainig pn so so jer..mm berbekalkan power gel (chocolates flavour) + power bar... ( I'M READY TO THE STARTING LINE!!) .. early at 3.30am aku dh bangun... still thinking that ..(ish btul ker aku nk msk half nih..)!! sampai2 kt dataran .. dh bley tgk waaaa!! ramainyeee.. pe lg nek la semangat aku time tuh.. BOOooM!! .. haha aku rser dekat 2 minit jgak aku nk sampai starting line tu coz rmai sgt org.. i was starting from the back... at the first 6-7 km I run with aizuddin (maintain slow pace je..) then, pas2 aku pn incerase speed ..and (sekor bdak uitm pn x nampak lg nih ..) then dkat2 km ke 10 br aku jmpe diorang.. fuhh!! after 12km ..feel like still got a lot of energy.. so pe lg... (tambah skit had laju ha)... at km 15 br aku teringat yg aku ader power gel.. (tu pn psal tgk mat salleh depan aku tgn makan hush..) time tu br terhegeh2 nk makan.. tp aku dpt jgak habiskan this half marathon.. I've found that this half was #$&%^. result from SC website -->
my time was 1hr 50min 12sec and placed 120.... never deream nk msk half... b4 this.. tp x try x tau beb.. ('',)

Monday, March 30, 2009

tEmasyA OlaHragA TahuNan UiTM 09~

...this event was held in the UiTM Shah Alam stadium.. on 29 march 09'... this temasya olahraga is once a year..and open for all UiTM students..and staff...i've took part in the 3k event together with Jerry"..we're race for our civil eng faculty....this 3k is my first track event since skolah rendah dulu (skolah rendah lari atas rumput jer...no track2 )ha.. ....haha... sesaje je gatal nk join...just for fun.. training for about a week a then bOOm...tp b4 this.. i've no experience about this 3k event.... the reality is jgn ingat 3k tu smer ngan 10k haha..that's what i though b4 ha....tp ok la.. i enjoyed the race... evethough kalah...congrats for the winner and also from UiTM Runners Club..alwi"...Jerry"...and also to all UiTM Runners Club yg join other event in mmang x dapet den nk ngojar...thanks also to the several UiTM group members who coMe for the support..thanks dude..the best things is ..i've got my valuable experience for this race....my time for this race is 12'26''....lastly..thanks to some URC member who come n tq for the pic..huarrrgghhh...doNe~